About Us :

Who We are?

We are professionals, house wives, mother, daughter, girl and a woman. We are here to discuss each other’s problem and our aim is to give appropriate suggestion to our friend so that she can overcome with her problem with less stress.

Our overall goal is the empowerment of women and girls to improve their lives and livelihood.

Women has the power to handle office/career, Kids and family, altogether, do you?

But, while handling all these tasks altogether, sometimes they got stuck. Where to go and what to do then we are here to help them by giving answer of all their queries.

Why Women and Girls?

SharingCaring focuses on the empowerment of women and girls because many educated, well earning women also caught by domestic violence, disrespect from their family, and many have so many things in mind like child’s education and so on. Sometimes they feel helpless but there is no one to share their problems.

If the women take divorce, then more than 70% people assume that women must have some character problem without even asking what was the problem while the man doesn’t face such issues and people start advising new girl information so that he can tie knots again as early as possible.

SharingCaring gives them freedom to discuss, come out from the restrictions and make actions in such a way so that you can set example for your daughter.