Quitting sugar is one of the best things if you can do in recent years. But it’s hard to quit as we intake sugar in direct and indirect form. We can avoid the direct form of sugar, but we need to see how we can quit sugar when it’s present in many food products.

We all are aware of the cold hard facts of sugar on human health. Many studies, public health announcements, health experts, etc., are advising the effect of sugar regularly.

Nowadays, we see a rapid increase in sugar-related diseases like weight gain, heart disease, teeth problems, bone damage, and the most common is diabetes. Earlier Sugar problem arises after 35 years of age, but now we can see a huge impact on kids. 

Why do we say it’s tough to quit sugar?

From recent researches, experts advised that sugar affects the brain and body. It develops different habits in the human body.

Some specialists advised that sugar is as powerful as a controlled substance as it generates dopamine receptors.

That’s a serious problem, and you must do something before sugar takes full control over you.

Let’s have a look at NATURAL V/s ADDED SUGAR.

We should know the facts about sugar before quitting sugar for a good reason. 

Natural Sugar is the sugar found in fruits, vegetables, and dairy products naturally.

While Added sugar is the one that we add from outside while making any recipe, I am sure you must be thinking about white sugar, brown sugar, honey, corn syrup, and much more. Do you believe that there are more than 50 varieties are available as added sugar?

We want you to avoid added sugar; we don’t want you to stop fruits and vegetables or dairy products. Food items that precure natural sugar are high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals, get absorbed into the system slowly, and don’t spike the blood sugar as added sugar does.

Now you know which sugar you need to quit.


Give Farewell to your Sugary Beverages

You must cut the unnecessary and easily available form of sugar in liquid form. Be it sweetened waters, sodas, or dessert-like shakes with added sugar or coffee beverages.

With the consumption of such beverages, you are only spiking the sugar level in your body, which just hit your brain to have more sugar.

Instead, you can opt for sparkling water, unsweetened coffee, lemon water, etc.

  • Erase Carbs

Pasta, pizza, bread or chips, simple carbs contain a lot of sugar. Check all the refined foods that you consume in your diet and try to erase them one by one slowly so that you don’t feel depriving.

For example, if you love pasta, you can reduce your diet to half and include lots of green vegetables first, and then you can cut off completely.

  • Terminate Sugary Junk Food

Sudden craving at mid-morning or late afternoon snack? We all feel such cravings in the late afternoon mostly. This is the way; your body tells you that you need an energy snack.

And we all end up with easy, packed snacks like cookies, candy bars, chips, etc. 

Instead, you can keep roasted chana, makhana, nuts, and other healthy options to break your hunger.

  • Determine “Hidden Sugar”

Mostly you know what products contain high sugar, what’s junk, and what’s not good for our body and will satisfy our immediate craving.

But there are plenty of other sugar offenders that you can miss, such as salad dressings, sauces, corn syrup, and more.

Look for whole-grain cereals, yogurt, low-fat salad dressings, and English muffins.

  • Recheck Dessert

Most people have the biggest craving for dessert after meals, and it’s hard to quit the sugar after dinner. But don’t worry, you can have healthier treats to curb your craving slowly.You can have dark chocolate that has high in cacao instead of a candy bar or ice cream.

Secret Weapon of Sugar Craving

It’s difficult to quit sugar when sugar thirst is so powerful. The secret weapon of your sugar craving is Water which is always available.

When you are dehydrated, your body feels hungry, so you often overeat or consume unhealthy foods.

Drinking ample water keeps your stomach full for longer and flushes out excess sugar from your body.

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  1. Thats some useful insights about ill effects of too much sweets and sugar.Don,t know about food with hidden sugar.thanks

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