Need to take admission in school for nursery kids, or can you simply skip schooling this year?

Give time to your kids at home

Many parents are worried and confused as they cannot decide whether they need to get admission this year or they can skip this year as the kid is just 3 or 4 years.

Why are the parents confused?

  • Financial problem: Many companies are paying half salary in a pandemic situation which is not allowing the parents to pay the admission and monthly charges.
  • Age group: As the kid is too small and can learn basic alphabet and numbers at home this year and can get admission next year when the situation will normalize.
  • Nuclear families: Many families are staying in a nuclear family. Daycare/schools are closed. Some societies are not allowing maids even. In this situation, working parents cannot take out time to sit with their kids for online classes.
Nurture your kids at home

If your kid is 3+ years, you can surely skip this year, and the kid can take admission in a good school next year, but you need to devote time with the kid so that he/she can understand at least Alphabets and Numbers.

Half an hour is more than enough for such a small kid; you can tell them stories, nurture good habits as per your time convenience.

If your kid is 4+ years, you can get admission to any middle-category school offering online classes. So that your kid will get the idea about the things and he will also learn to follow the schedule. Next year, if you want to take admission in a big school, you will easily get as you will get your child’s report card from the present school.

Many kids are 5+ years but not taking admission this year because of time and financial constraints.

If you are also facing such a situation, no need to take stress as nothing will change if your kid will take admission a year later.

The pandemic situation is not normal, and everyone understands the problems of each other. Schools are open to taking admission; happily, many schools offer free admission this year to achieve the target, but a monthly fee will be charged from you, so you need to think wisely and decide accordingly.

Don’t take stress, be happy and enjoy the time with your kids this year at home.

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