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We all used to check the expiry date of food items before preparing anything, we do check the expiry date of ready-to-eat snacks as well. but have you ever checked the expiry date of your personal care products like toothbrushes, Under Garments, Cosmetic products such as Mascara, Lipstick, etc.?

Today I am going to update you on the expiry date of your hygiene products as it’s necessary especially as a covid precaution.

  • Toothbrush

Widen, unraveled bristles are easy signs to know that it needs to be replaced. As per the expert’s recommendation, if you are brushing twice – in the morning and night, you should replace your brush at least once in one to four months.

The above validity applies to electric brushes as well.

  • Mattress

What do you think, what should be the expiry date of mattresses?

Most people don’t replace the mattress till the time they don’t start feeling uncomfortable. Doctors advised replacing the mattresses every seven to ten years.

Right support, relax sleep and avoid the chance of waking up tired and aching.

These days, many companies give validity if 20-25 years but as per the health mentor one should replace the mattress after its expiry date.

  • Cosmetic brushes

Good quality brushes can last a long lifetime, but when you applying blush, foundation or shadows quite often then the brush becomes a good source of bacteria. You should wash your brushes once every month or you can wash them after 15 days as well. you should replace your brush if doesn’t feel softer anymore.

Sponges can be used for a month if washed weekly.

  • Pillow

We all love to sleep with soft pillows but do you know it consumes oil from skin, make–up residue, dead skin cells, dust, etc. we should replace our pillows in a year to avoid dust allergies and odor.

By using a pillow protector, you can use the pillow for up to 2 years.

  • Under Garments

No need to keep a full drawer of undergarments as many of them don’t see the sunlight for long. Experts advised keeping only three undergarments at a time as it has a very short life span. We must replace undergarments in six months.

  • Sun Cream

You can use your half-used bottle of sun cream in your next summer holidays as experts recommend using the sun cream for up to two to three years which is a good time.

Anyways, you can also check the expiry date on the bottle as mentioned on the same.

But make sure to store your bottle in a cool place.

  • Kitchen Sponge

The kitchen is the place where maximum bacteria can attract and sponges are the best places for them to hide. You should replace your sponge two or three times a week or you can replace it every day as well. you can use porous dishcloths in place of a sponge as cloth can wash regularly and you can throw them after a certain period.

  • Perfumes

Yes, you heard right. Perfumes also expire. It’s advised that most perfumes have a validity of three to five years. Though many experts also suggest that perfume can last up to ten or more years if kept in the right conditions. You should store the perfume in a cool place and also keep an eye on the color and odor. If the color changes or fragrance comes as citrus-based then it’s time to throw away your perfume.

  • Mascara and Lipstick

Our handbags and makeup drawers are the graveyards of many lipsticks and other cosmetic products. We generally throw the cosmetic when we feel any allergy at our body but we should replace the mascara in three months after opening and lipstick in a year.

  • Moisturiser

You can check the color and the smell of Moisturiser, if it turns yellow then it’s time to replace the bottle.

I hope you like the above information and you will try to replace the personal care products as per the advised timeline.

Thank You.

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    It’s really helpful information thank u so much swati

  2. Thats some really effective hygienic and healthy habits everyone should follow.thanks for the information.

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