10 Amazing benefits of Indian gooseberry or Amla

Amla is a little bitter, but you must have experienced that medicines are also a little bitter but provide many benefits to our body.

Amla is greenish-yellow in color; Amla word is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Amlaki’ that means ‘nectar of life’. Amla is famous in India and around the globe because of its health benefits. You can find Amla powder as an ingredient in many medicines. Ayurveda advises that Amla balance the three doshas, namely: Kapha, Vata, pitta in our body; this removes many diseases in our body.

Health benefits of Amla

  • Improves Immunity: 100 grams of Amla [approx. a half cup] gives 300mg of vitamin C, which is around eight times higher than an orange. It has 17 times higher antioxidant power than pomegranate. Apart from vitamin C and antioxidants, it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In covid time, it’s essential to boost immunity.
  • Anticipate Constipation: High fibre in the Amla is excellent for the digestive system, and it helps in constipation. The alkaline content of Amla strengthens the digestive system. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, dried amla powder can use to cure hyperacidity and control stomach ulcers.
  • Natural Blood Purifier: Vitamin C in Amla makes the blood vessels thicker and more vital. Amla detoxifies the body because of its antioxidant properties. You can have a tablespoon of Amla powder with honey or jaggery as it purifies the blood and increases the hemoglobin if taken regularly.
  • Suitable for Eyesight: Carotene content, which is found in Amla, is ideal for vision. With the addition of Amla in your daily diet, you can improve your eye health and relieve problems such as cataracts, intraocular tension and also helps in itching, reddening, and watery eyes.
  • Prevents chest congestion: Regular intake of amla powder fights viral and bacterial infections and also helps in curing a common cold. You need to take a mixture of amla powder with honey three to four times a day for cough and cold. Amla also helps in extracting the sputum from the respiratory tract and can soothe the inflamed airways. Hence Amla helps in curing cough, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems.
  • Control’s weight: Amla juice benefits the people who want to do weight management. Amla juice with little salt and pepper can help curb your appetite as it keeps your stomach full for a longer time. It also helps the body absorb the nutrients and acts as a natural purgative because of its high fibre content.
  • Manage Chronic condition:  Diabetes, heart problems, high cholesterol, cancer, and asthma are the common problems that impact many peoples in today’s times. These chronic problems can cure with the help of superfood amla. The amino acid and antioxidants help in the overall functioning of the heart. Chromium in Amla regulates insulin and helps in maintaining blood sugar levels, making it great for people with diabetes.
  • Pain reliever: joint pains, arthritis, mouth ulcers are the common pains experienced by people in their regular life. All these pains can be relieved by using them regularly. 

              For mouth ulcers, you can mix amla juice in half a cup of lukewarm water and gargle with it.

 Great for skin: Fighting with dull and dehydrated skin? The addition of Amla in the routine gives shiny skin and keeps the skin hydrated and healthy. Amla acts as a superfood for its anti-aging properties.

  • Mix Amla powder with honey and yogurt, put it on your face, leave it aside until it dries, and then wash off.
  • You can add amla juice regularly with honey every morning to get spot-free and glowing skin.

Great for hair health: Amla juice is an excellent tonic that cures dandruff, prevents hair loss, slows down grey hair, and increases blood circulation to the scalp. You can mix amla powder with shikakai and curd and apply the paste on your scalp for half an hour.

Amla is excellent in Covid situation as well as it boosts the immunity to fight with several viruses and bacteria, improves cold, cough, and congestion.

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  1. Indian gooseberry or amla in our desi language does,nt know possess so many properties from vision to hairloss and even from health point of view.thanks for updating about so many things related to this fruit.

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