1 Rupee old note can give you a profit of Rs. 45000, Check out How?

Who does not want money?

Everyone needs money; we are updating the opportunity to provide you with Rs.45000 at your home. 

To earn money, you need to look for an old one rupee note dated back to 1977-79. In covid situation, if you can grab this opportunity, then you are the luckiest one because many people have lost their job and are in urgent need of money. You can check the one rupee note at home and can earn money sitting at home.

What is the process to earn thousands with an old rupee note?

First, you must have an old one rupee note as Central Government and Reserve Bank of India have stopped printing one rupee note at present. You can earn Rs. 45000 if you have the old one rupee note at home.

Your one-rupee note must have the signature of former Principal Secretary, Ministry of Finance, H.M Patel. Apart from the signature, the serial number of the note must have 123456.

Many people love to collect the notes and coins of different currencies and different numbers. If they have 3 old notes of Rs. 1, then they can easily earn Rs. 1,35,000. Isn’t this amazing.

Where can you sell your one rupee note?

  • You can sell your note at coinbazzar website: https://www.coinbazaar.in/You can visit the website and check the ‘shop’ section.
  • Go to the ‘note bundle’ category for complete details.
  • Then you will find – Extremely rare, for collectors, one rupee bundle 1957, signed by HM Patel, with jumbling number 123456 option.

For further details, please visit the official website –  https://www.coinbazaar.in/.

It is a great opportunity; check the old one rupee note and sell it at coinbazaar.com.

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  1. Hi ai am deb kumar this 1 rules nots .I give you
    My phon no-8961109290

    1. you can update your note picture and number on https://www.coinbazaar.in/
      You can get Rs 45000 if you have note with the signature and digits that I have suggested in my article.

      Thanks for reading.

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